Elementary Kindness Domino Cereal Challenge

Potlatch Elementary Kindness Domino Cereal Challenge

Attention Parents, Guardians & Community Members:

Here at Potlatch Elementary we know how important kindness is to our school and global community. We actively seek out opportunities to teach and share kindness with our students so they can see how being kind makes a difference. 

We have begun a 'Kindness Domino' challenge within our Elementary School. We will ask students to begin collecting full, unopened boxes of cereal. At the end of the school year, the cereal domino challenge will end in a live demonstration of how a simple act of kindness can have a domino effect. If you spread to one person, they spread it to another, and another, and it keeps going on. You can still send kindness even if it doesn't get sent back to you. That being said, please do not feel obligated to send your child with any cereal. This is all in good fun and because of its friendly. The best part is that after our live cereal box domino demonstration, ALL boxes of cereal collected by our amazing students and Potlatch families will then be donated to our local foodbanks! In a competition like this, even the losing teams are winners. All classes will walk away feeling victorious while never losing sight of their purpose- to donate to those in need. It's really a win for everyone! 

Your child's teacher will begin taking cereal donations in each classroom on Monday, April 25th. The last day for cereal collection will be Friday, May 20th. Each class will collect and keep track of how many boxes of cereal they collected as a team. During the last week of school, prizes will be given to the winning teams. Winning teams will be announced during our live demonstration on Friday, May 27th.

Please send any questions/concern/comments to cara.wallen@psd285.org or send a message to Mrs. Wallen through class dojo. Thank you for your dedication to your child's education. We are looking forward .to having some fun! 

Get those cereal boxes ready for an act of kindness competition! 

Cara Wallen 
Dani Hall 

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