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Last Updated: 1/14/2022 1:01 AM

Janet Avery

Janet Avery

Superintendent, Potlatch School District #285


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A Weekly Message from Superintendent Avery
A Mid-Week Update
January 13, 2022

I wanted to make you aware of a couple of changes that occurred at last night's Board of Trustees meeting.  

The first change has to do with our Safe Return to School Plan - specifically "Isolation and Quarantine" protocols as they relate to COVID.  Our new protocols are as follows:

Isolation, Quarantine, Attendance, and Absenteeism:  Potlatch School District will monitor student and staff attendance.  (New as of 1/12/2022)

The following chart applies to all staff and students regardless of vaccination status

Positive Test Results

Showing Symptoms

Exposed but Non-Symptomatic

  • Stay home for a minimum of 5 days from when symptoms started.

  • AFTER 5 days, if you are symptom free, you may return to school/work while wearing a mask* for an additional 5 days.

  • Stay home for 10 days.

  • On day 5, you may test for COVID.

  • If negative and symptom free, you may return to work/school.  If positive, follow the requirements for a positive test.

  • May return to school/work while wearing a mask* for 10 days.

  • May test on day 5.  If negative, you can stop wearing a mask.  If positive, follow the requirements for a positive test.

*Families may opt to have a student stay home for the full 10 days for positive test or exposure if wearing a mask is an issue.

Students, teachers, and staff who are sick with any illness will be expected to stay home and are encouraged to speak to their healthcare provider for possible testing and care.  Students will also be sent home if they are running a fever (100.4) or display any signs of cold or flu like symptoms.  Students and staff may return to school after 24 hours with no fever, no cough and no signs of illness are evident.

The second change has to do with personnel.  The Board approved the hiring of a new K-12 music teacher - Mr. Ben Woodard.  Mr. Woodard will be teaching guitar class, history of music and 7-12 band as well as 6th grade band and elementary music starting 2nd semester.  Welcome to Potlatch Ben!

Ben Woodard

A big shout out goes to Mrs. Leigh Wilson and Ms. Hanna Ridgeway for bringing students to share their story of sewing at last night's board meeting.  Students shared how their passion for sewing began in 4th grade with an apron project and was sparked again in 6th grade with placemat/table runner projects.  Mrs. Wilson shared how sewing machines came to Potlatch elementary through a grant and Ms. Ridgeway shared how the community shows support every year through fabric donations.  

group sewers projects

sewing boys sewers

Many thanks to the students who were brave and came to speak in front of the board to share their stories!

Thanks to those of you who have already given us feedback for our Strategic Plan.  We ask that you share with others and have them give input as well.  If you haven't had the opportunity yet, please take a moment to fill out the following survey: Potlatch Strategic Plan Survey. We wish to have lots of voices provide ideas - community members, families, business owners, students, staff and volunteers.  The more voices that participate, the stronger our plan can be.

Thanks for all you do to help us make students in Potlatch more successful!

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