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    The Idaho State Board of Education met and made the recommendation/decision to continue the “soft closure” order for Idaho school districts through the remainder of this school year.  That means, at this time, the rest of the school year for our students will be completed in the comfort of their home.  This is truly an unprecedented event in our lives but our district will continue to provide as many services as we can that will help our students, and you, our parents and guardians, in order to get through this process.  The Board and administration will be in discussion about the various Spring events that usually bring closure to our school years, such as Graduation.  We will be looking at alternative dates, as well as alternative activities, that will allow us the opportunity to celebrate these wonderful, traditional events.



Close alert
Message from the Superintendent


Dear Parents and Guardians,


As we begin winding down from the most unusual Spring Break that I have been associated with in my forty (40) years of being in the Education field, I hope that your children, your friends and family members, and  yourself are doing fine and adhering to Governor Little’s “stay-at-home” order as best as you can.  With more and more cases of the COVID-19 virus being identified in Latah County, as well as in Nez Perce, Idaho, Whitman, and Benewah counties, it’s extremely important for us to be vigilant and do what we each can do to stop the spread of the virus.  In the school district, only essential personnel will be in the buildings working but even this will be on a modified, limited basis, when needs arise. 

Originally, April 6th, was going to be our school return date but quickly that date changed with the State Board of Education’s announcement that school districts throughout the state should close their doors until April 21st.  So, the district will be utilizing Monday, April 6th, as one more preparation day to begin our online rollout and packetwork delivery to students, starting on Tuesday, April 7th.  We will also be providing Food Service delivery as well.  Here’s what you should know:


  1. Food Service:    Our Lunch Ladies and Parapros did a GREAT job at providing Grab n’ Go breakfast/lunches last week at the Elementary School.   Once the word got out, our numbers of meals picked up each and every day!  We will continue providing meals at the school for pickup, including Monday, April 6th, until our school closure is lifted and we begin school again.  We have changed the time for meal pickup at the Elementary to go from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.  Also note, through a Federal waiver, students no longer need to be with an adult who is picking up food for their child or children and students do not need to be in the company of an adult in order to pick up a meal.  To get signed up for a meal or meals throughout the week, please go to our website and fill out the request form.  This assists us in getting a clear number of meals that need to be made for the day and the week.


Also new starting this week on Tuesday, April 7th, we will be able to provide meal deliveries out to our Emergency Bus Pickup Sites.  If you cannot make it in to the Elementary we will have three (3) buses running to these various sites in the a.m. where food delivery will be much easier and less of a strain than driving in.  To sign up for district delivery at one of our sites, please respond by filling out the online form by Sunday, April 5th.  This form can also be found on our website.  Once we have your form, you will be contacted by one of our bus drivers on Monday, April 6th, to let you know the time and the place where you can meet and pick up your food delivery the next day and the days to follow.


       2.    Educational Materials/Online Services:   All our educational activities will begin on Tuesday,

April 7th.  Students who have access to the Internet and online services will be able to work on learning activities and assignments at their own pace, on a daily/weekly basis.  Teachers will be available through home office hours for approximately four (4) hours daily.  These hours will allow for teachers to reach out to students, as well as students being able to reach out to their teachers for assistance and understanding.  Students who do not have Internet accessibility to complete online instruction or do not have a computer at home need to contact the district office or their instructor(s) so arrangements can be made for the district to provide a computer to a student for the duration of the school closure.  If Internet and online services are an impossibility for some students or families, teachers will develop packetwork and other instructional materials for students to have, in order for them to continue their education.  Packets, study materials, and learning assignments can be picked up at select times from the schools or these can be delivered, much like our Food Service, to students at our Emergency Bus Pickup sites.  We will also be able to deliver computers for checkout at this time as well.   When materials are completed by students, they can also hand the completed work back at the delivery sites as well, where they will be sent back to teachers for grading, comments, and accountability. 


Because this is all new to us, we understand that there may be “glitches” or “kinks” in the rollout of our services.  Once again, I ask that you bear with us as we find our clearest path in providing continued educational services for your child or children.  We will do our very best to ensure that we all stay connected.  If you do run into a snag or need further assistance, please feel free to contact me, let me know of your concern, and let’s work together to find a solution.


For parents or guardians with students who receive special education services and you have yet to be contacted by your student’s special ed. teacher, please reach out and contact Mrs. Goucher or your child’s special ed. teacher.  Thank you.


Lastly, we will be having our April Board Meeting on Wednesday, April 8th @ 7:00 p.m. This will be done, for the first time ever for us, as a public online meeting.  We will be utilizing a Zoom Meeting platform so the Board of Trustees and Administration will be able to stay at home while conducting our usual monthly business.  The public is invited to log-on and watch and listen to the meeting but will be muted during the duration of the meeting.  If you would like to be on the Agenda, as we typically do, we ask that you fill out the Request Form (found on our website), and send that back into the District Office by Monday, April 6th.  I will review the request and add it to the Agenda accordingly.  If added, we will be able to unmute you and bring you into the meeting. 


Please keep looking at our website.  I will be adding the link needed to access and sign up for the Zoom Board Meeting as soon as possible.


Once again, thank you for all your support, have a wonderful weekend, and stay safe and healthy!




Jeffrey A. Cirka, Superintendent

(208) 875-0327


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