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    The Board of Trustees and District Administration met Wednesday, March 18th to discuss possible closure to our schools, due to the continuous threat of the COVID-19 virus.  In order to ensure the safety and health of our students and staff, the Board decided that the closing of the school district, at this time, was in the best interest of our students and community.  School closure will begin on Friday, March 20th and will be in effect through Monday, April 20th.

Close alert

Celebrating Kindness

I would like to thank every adult and every student in our school for taking kindness seriously and doing so many great things! Thank you for taking the time to recognize the good things that are happening in our school.  It doesn’t take much more than a few kind words to make someone’s day better.  It’s the little things that mean the most, so no matter how small your kind act was, please remember it mattered more to someone than you may think.  

Please remember to save your “You’ve been caught being kind” coins each month and there will be a reward offered at the end of the year depending upon how many you have earned total.

March 2020 Kindness Calendar


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